Grant Archer - Dairy farmer, Cressy Tasmania

Grant Archer, dairy farmer at Cressy, some 30 km south of Launceston, is no stranger to cold Tasmanian winters, always quite a few degrees lower than in the northern states. With his wife Kim, he share-farms a 150-hectare 450-cow dairy with the landowners Rob and Jo Bradley.Grant is the current Australian Dairy Business of the Year. He uses Sumitomo ProGibb to bring up winter pasture levels, saying, "The winter soil temperatures get pretty low here, especially as we go down to five degrees at night and around ten to twelve during the day."

Ian Locke - Wirruna Poll Hereford Stud, Holbrook NSW

At Wirruna Poll Herefords we run our breeding herd and prime lamb ewe flock at high stocking rates to achieve greater production/ha and, over the longer term, this serves to select low cost genetics that are highly fertile and efficient.

Evan Bourchier - Dairy farmer, Strathmerton Victoria

Evan Bourchier, dairy farmer at Strathmerton (north of Shepparton) estimates a 35-40% increase in feed growth during winter, thanks to ProGibb SG. "It’s certainly good stuff as far as getting a bit of extra feed during the winter months," he says. "It’s quick and easy to apply and we see the first results in 7-10 days."
"That extra growth continues for about three to four weeks. We usually apply our ProGibb in late June, early July. We often give it another go, timed to run until mid-August when spring is on the way and the grass picks up again."