Ian Locke - Wirruna Poll Hereford Stud, Holbrook NSW

At Wirruna Poll Herefords we run our breeding herd and prime lamb ewe flock at high stocking rates to achieve greater production/ha and, over the longer term, this serves to select low cost genetics that are highly fertile and efficient.

As a strategy to help us through the winter bottleneck of low feed availability, we regularly use ProGibb as a tool to bring forward feed into late winter to help us meet the lactation demands of our August calving cows and lambing ewes. Applied in early July, ProGibb at 10 gm/ha can take pastures from 700 kg to 1400 kg/ha in 3 weeks, perfect to calve and lamb into.

ProGibb gives us the confidence to carry moreĀ breeding stock through the winter bottleneck